Frequently Asked Questions

How does ordering with Pinemelon work?

It’s pretty easy. You just need to download the app or login to the website, create an account, fill your cart with goodies, and we'll be on our way soon!. We don’t have a physical grocery store, so all ordering happens online.

When will you start taking orders?

We’re currently planning to launch delivery to the Denver metro area on April 12!

What is your delivery area?

The delivery zone will reach a 30-minute radius from the fulfillment center (just behind Furniture Row on I-25), which extends to Lafayette to the north, Central Park to the east, as far south as Hampden, and Applewood into Golden to the west. The best way to learn if has come to your neighborhood is to sign up for email updates on our Contact Us page!

What kinds of products do you sell?

Our buyers continually search for high-quality items that fit your everyday needs. We stock staples like avocados, pasta, local eggs and fresh butcher-quality proteins, while also sourcing unique and exciting brands that help keep things fresh in the kitchen. We prioritize local, natural, and organic foods, but never to the point of limiting your choice. You’ll also find a wide selection of household necessities like diapers, batteries and aluminum foil.

Do you have a rewards program?

Absolutely! Every shopper will receive cash back at, and we’ll be offering added benefits to members of our “Friends” program—including priority delivery windows, special members-only discounts and no minimum for delivery.

Do you have an in-person store?

No, we are a delivery-only grocery concept. By exclusively focusing on delivery, we are able streamline our operations and our costs, which helps us provide everyday value to our customers. It also means we can reduce the unnecessary food waste created by the eye-catching displays and overstocked shelves of traditional grocery stories.

I’ve heard that direct-to-consumer delivery is bad for the environment. Is that true?

At face value, we understand that logic. Yet we actually find that by grouping orders together by neighborhood, we are able to create delivery routes that are more efficient and sustainable for customers—think of it like carpooling to the grocery store!

What do you do with any excess food?

Because we don’t have to decorate our warehouse with eye-catching displays, we naturally waste less product than a standard grocery store. We use customer data to optimize our sourcing, and if we do overbuy, we always work to find a sustainable solution, whether that be donations to a local food bank or commercial composting options.

Do I need a membership to use Pinemelon?

While you don't need a membership to order with Pinemelon, we (of course) think our Friends program is pretty great. It gives you access to free delivery on all orders, deeper discounts, more MelonMoney, and priority delivery windows (and so much more!). You’re able to sign up for the plan that works best for you: monthly, semi-annually, or annually. You can learn more and sign up on our website at or through the app. 

What will I do with all of the time I’ll save by not waiting in line at the grocery store?

Whether it’s a trip to the museum, climbing a 14er, volunteering or simply taking a nap—we’ll let you decide how to enjoy your new life of leisure. 🙃

When will you start hiring?

We’ve already started! Check out our Careers page for more information about our company culture and open roles. If you don’t see a role that matches your skillset, but still are interested in joining the team, please reach out to and tell us a bit about yourself!

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