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Make your products available 7 days a week. Pinemelon connects you with your customers in a convenient and hustle-free manner. You sell, we deliver. Partner with us today.
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Why should you join us?

Open year round, 24/7
Our vertically integrated business provides the platform and logistics to get your products delivered to homes in Denver metro.
You define the retail price
Pinemelon takes 15% for fulfillment, last mile delivery and card processing services.
We support local farmers
And understand each farm is at different stage of their business, so let us know how we can help and make our relationship flourish.
All of Colorado will see you
We have a dedicated video production team and promote farms by placing them center-stage on our marketplace.

Farmers we’re working with

1,500 customers at Pinemelon Market in under 4 months
...and many more local producers already selling on Pinemelon →
A few large corporations serve as the middlemen for the majority of our food chain. Their goal is infinite growth and profits.

We launched Pinemelon for the shared interests of both producers and everyday shoppers. We partner with farmers and consumers to deliver the best local products at fair prices.

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