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We are on a mission to support local

Who we are

We are a team of inspired idealists on a mission, united by curiosity, passion, and dedication to our craft, striving to become better and better. We are self-starting trailblazers who embrace challenges.

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Status quo

We are where we live. While globalization has its pros and cons, recent global events have shown us how fragile our global supply chains are. Food is no exception. Each of us wants to live in a strong, resilient, and thriving equitable community. There is a Movement of like-minded souls to change the status quo and we are committed to actively propelling it.

Our mission

To build the next generation global platform harnessing the strengthof local foods and natural resources to empower communities and to help to grow the number and the share of local food makers in the food system.

A garden bedFrom the farm to the store shelf

Guiding principles of our community platform

- We respect the makers: the farmers, the ranchers and artisan producers
- We guarantee a fair marketplace  
- Regenerative agriculture products get a priority in our Community
- We respect the voices of the Community, demanding and responsible consumers

We are building a global platform to strengthen local food systems

Our vision is a solarpunk-inspired world where harmony prevails among the Earth, humanity, and technology. We respect the land, celebrate local makers, and nurture connections within our communities. We have hope for Earth.

We stand as stewards of responsible agriculture, as any local regenerative activity has a global impact on our Earth.

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