I saved thousands of dollars on eating organic!

September 9, 2022

For the last three years we have been trying to change our family diet to totally healthy, nutritious and organic. In this journey, we started purchasing more and more organic products from month to month. And at some point, we found out that it is very expensive, especially if you have a family of four or even more. Sometimes it is a little insulting that no all-organic items are accessible in regards to cost. This led me to build a strategy on how to make eating healthy more affordable. In this article, I am going to share with you my top tips without breaking your bank.

Very Important List. My first tip is to shop Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. The Dirty Dozen are the 12 fruits and vegetables that are most prone to pesticides even after they are washed. The Clean 15 are fruits and vegetables that have little to no trace evidence of pesticides and least harmful to eat which means you can be safe to buy conventional or non-organic when you are out of the budget. You can download these guides on ewg.org and keep in your back pocket in case.

Frozen. My second tip is to buy frozen organic produce instead of fresh organic produce. Mostly the frozen type is significantly cheaper than if you buy it fresh. The good thing is that frozen produce preserves all nutrients and lasts longer in the fridge so we do not need to worry about things wasting quickly and throwing away and losing money.

Meat cuts. My third tip is to cook with cheaper cuts of meat. As we all know organic meat is also very expensive and it is going to vary in price depending on the cut of meat. For example, organic chicken breasts are more expensive than organic chicken drumsticks. So by choosing lower price cuts of meat you can definitely save money in comparison to $5 a pound versus $1.79 a pound. If anything is left from your meat, save it in the fridge and cook homemade bone broth which is much more delicious than the one from the grocery store.

Meatless Day. My fourth tip is to have meatless days once or twice a week. You will be surprised how much money you will save on that and your stomach will get some rest too since it takes 48 hours to digest meat. You can substitute meat by …. and get a whole daily nutrition doze.

Sales. My fifth tip is to shop the sales or use weekly discount coupons and plan your meal around what is on sale. Organic stuff on sale can be really cheap. One week there can be strawberries on sale, the other week there can be avocados on sale.

Overpurchasing. My sixth tip is to not over purchase. Do not fill your cart with tons of organic food which you are not going to consume. When you throw food away you are throwing money away. Be reasonable and mindful of what you are buying.

Junk Food. My seventh and last tip is do not buy junk food because it says that it is organic. Junk food is still junk food and does not serve your body in the right way, there is no nutritional value at all.

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